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Mark H. 

I bought these beautiful mushrooms from Remy’s Reef Studios a few months ago, and it has been a delight to watch how the corals have grown and reproduced. I attribute their success to the healthy stock that Jeremy and Jeanette produce. You two are always friendly, fair, and such a wealth of information. After attending the San Antonio Reef Fest, I’m the proud papa of five more corals cultivated by this dynamic duo. Thank you both for offering your wares at, and supporting the show with your contributions to the raffle. I look forward to doing business with Remy’s Reef Studio soon, and I hope the readers will too. Cheers guys!

Fish in Aquarium

Daryl G. 

Always awesome corals from Jeremy! Everyone should check him out for sure!

Diving in Coral Reef

Oscar P.

They have some awesome corals at great prices. It was nice talking to them about the hobby, they also have some nice paintings. I am definitely going back!!!!

Gilbert P.

I LOVE the hammer I got from them!

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